All students have 25 hours of formal lesson time, together with clear expectations of work to be done at home. A minimum programme is set in homework timetables.

Timing of the school day:
8.40 a.m. Registration and tutorial session or weekly assembly
8.55 a.m. Period 1
9.55 a.m. Period 2
10.55 a.m. Break
11.15 a.m. Period 3
12.15 a.m. Lunchtime
1.05 p.m. Afternoon Registration
1.10 p.m. Period 4
2.10 p.m. Period 5
3.10 p.m. End of school day. Start of ‘School Plus’ on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
4.10 p.m. School Plus ends


Most students stay in school at lunchtime and are supervised by school staff. During this time they can use the Computer rooms, the Library and Sports Hall. Parents of students who live near the school may apply to the Head of Year for a Pass to allow the student to go home for lunch. A Pass may also be obtained for one-off occasions such as dental appointments. Students will only be allowed off the premises if they have a Pass.

The Dining Room is self-service. It offers hot and cold meals at various prices. A full meal, including a pudding, should cost no more than £1.55. There is also a Snack Bar providing a more limited range of food. Students can buy breakfast in the dining room before school and both the dining room and snack bar are open at break.

Students receiving free meals choose their food and then give their personal number to the member of staff on the Till. New students receive their personal numbers on the first day at school.


Parents must apply to the East Riding Office before the start of the autumn term in Year 7 to ensure that the entitlement to a free meal is automatically transferred from the Primary School to the Secondary School.