We are the Friends of Vermuyden School

Year 5 and 6 students in the primaries have opportunities to visit and work in Vermuyden as part of their curriculum. Year 5 spend a lively morning with the Modern Languages staff and start to learn to speak a language. Year 6 spend a day in Science, Design & Technology and ICT classes, having a good ‘taste’ of the school’s facilities.

An open evening is held in the Autumn term of Year 6 for prospective parents and students, although any interested parent can contact the school through their official website to arrange a visit at any time.

Students interested in studying in the Sixth Form are invited with their parents to an Open Evening early in the Autumn term of their Year 11. Again appointments can be made to visit at any other time if required. Each sixth form course requires a certain prior level of success at GCSE, which can be discussed with the Heads of Year or information can be found in the Sixth Form prospectus, available at the School or on their official website.

Who we are and what we do for the school

We, the friends of Vermuyden School, work as boosters and fundraisers, securing donations and other gifts from corporate entities, governmental bodies, and educational trusts that can be used to benefit the school and its pupils.

We recently arranged for a significant cost reduction on airplane tickets for the sixth form’s annual trip to Amsterdam, courtesy of easyJet. We have secured a number of vouchers for discount textbooks from Amazon.co.uk. We are allowed to put forward one pupil aged sixteen or over each year for a personal trainer course scholarship at Discovery UK. Last Autumn, we got the school a grant of £10,000 from the local education authority for them to spend on new computers.

The school motto: Alta Pete – “Aim High”
Vermuyden School is a secondary school with academy status for boys and girls ages 11–16 with a specialism in the arts.

We are proud to be associated with Vermuyden School, an institution that pushes pupils to be all that they can be, both as students and as human beings

A large number of our pupils go on to study for a degree, some of them at the redbrick universities.

Students arrive at Vermuyden from all over Canvey Island in Essex, including some of its more deprived neighborhoods. But we refuse to believe that the poverty of a particular child’s background should hold them back in life or determine the course their education takes.

We have a dedicated pastoral care department setup to help students with difficult home situations maintain the academic focus.